OutDoor is moving to Munich. In an internal coordination process, a majority of the members of the European Outdoor Group (EOG) have decided to hold the fair in Munich from 2019 onwards. Thus, Messe Friedrichshafen is organizing the upcoming 25th OutDoor (June 17-20, 2018) for the last time in the existing EOG partnership. After the first shock, Friedrichshafen's fighting spirit has awakened: the trade fair organizers have decided to organize their own OutDoor Messe Friedrichshafen starting in 2019. We spoke to Stefan Reisinger, head of the OutDoor/Eurobike division at Messe Friedrichshafen, about the ambitious plans to create its own format.

Last week, the moving of the OutDoor fair to Munich was announced. How did the decision by the EOG surprise the fair?

When you decide to take part in a vote, you must be prepared to lose. The result is definitely saddening, as the industry has a unique track record here. However, the words of encouragement of many customers regarding our restart are helping for sure.


The OutDoor has a tradition in Friedrichshafen: Picture from OutDoor 2010
Photo: OutDoor
The OutDoor has a tradition in Friedrichshafen: Picture from OutDoor 2010

This makes the next fair at the Bodensee, which is also a jubilee, the last one. What can the exhibitors and visitors expect?

Yes, it is the last event with the European Outdoor group as partner and at the same time the kick-off to a new concept. We will celebrate our 25th OutDoor anniversary accordingly anyway. On the one hand, there will be an exclusive party on the day before the fair on the Bodensee-Eventship Sonnenkönigen. On the other hand, the anniversary will be the theme of the fair in general.”

After the cancellation, you announced your own OutDoor event. Do you worry about two outdoor fairs jeopardizing each other?

We are not naïve and know about the options and risks. However, the interests of the industry partakers are widely ranged and it is therefore definitely possible to be successful with an alternative concept.

And how do you want to separate yourself from competitors?

Our event will keep the focus on only OutDoor and will only present the desires of the OutDoor department. A clear separation will happen on a conceptual, emotional and content regarding level. The real and authentic portrayal we are known for will be an important component for our concept.


The 'OutDoor Lifestyle Collection' area, newly introduced in 2017
Photo: SI team
The 'OutDoor Lifestyle Collection' area, newly introduced in 2017

What will the new format look like? What is the planned calendar date?

Because of the competition we will only start informing about that in June.

What is the feedback regarding your new own format from exhibitors?

The feedback that we have got so far is positive and motivates us to restart. Together we will create the best possible fair concept.

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