This is the first time that I literally am not sure what to write in this letter. Not because I am speechless, but simply because no matter what I say today–it will be outdated by tomorrow, not even speaking of the two weeks between the printing and the publishing date of our new print issue.

When we planned and wrote the stories for our latest edition, "The Denim Sourcing Issue", Coronavirus was already spreading, but none of our team nor the interviewees had any idea how the scenario would develop and that the fashion industry would come close to a collapse.

In fact, I was still traveling to New York in March, went to appointments, checked out stores and strolled through the city. A week later when I was already back Donald Trump announced the travel ban for Europeans and another week later the city that never sleeps fell into a coma. Did I expect that? By no means. I completely underestimated the disease and its consequences on every level. That has changed now.

We did discuss if we should have changed the topics of this edition and last minute should have turned the Denim Sourcing Issue into the Denim Corona Issue. We decided against it. Mainly because–as mentioned above–we realized that any Corona-related story written today is not valid anymore by tomorrow.

Still, we do not see the contents of this issue outdated: speaking about alternative ways of how to source, produce and sell denim and fashion will be more up to date than ever when we have gotten behind the peak of the pandemic. Because what is for sure: the (denim and fashion) world will be a different one by then.

Be prepared for that time. Think of new, more efficient, more sustainable, more appropriate ways to source and deal with denim.

In that respect this issue is very forward thinking. More than any issue before. It’s for those who are brave enough to take the opportunity and change the outdated systems and the obsolete structures of the fashion industry.

Trust me, we in the media business do exactly the same and re-think the ways relevant information will be transported to you now and in the future.

Meanwhile, stay safe; stay healthy.
Oh, and “enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think.”

Sabine Kühnl

Editor's note: This article runs in our current "Denim Sourcing Issue", #292. Please also check out the e-paper version for more information.