The CHT Group, which has been producing innovative and high-grade specialty chemicals, chemical auxiliaries and additives for nearly 70 years, is taking a big step towards climate neutrality with the BeSoECO range. We’ll show you how you can make profit of it.

Whether for indoor sports or outdoor activities,  in the hotel industry or gastronomy - textiles need to be durable. Since customers increasingly want to use them over a long period of time, it is now more important than ever. The current throwaway society is a discontinued model; the demands for quality and comfort is higher than it has been for a long time.

The CHT Group knows how to meet these requirements: The BeSo effect range of the CHT Group covers almost all aspects of modern textile functionalities. In addition to protective functions for special applications in the medical or care sector, a wide range of comfort along with utility functions and properties can be created to match their intended use. They provide comfort as well as care and protection from external influences, are durable and offer even more functionality tailored to their customers’ requirements.
Photo: CHT

High sustainability standard

In addition to the functional aspects, the CHT Group has created the BeSoECO range as a further major step towards becoming the "preferred partner and leading reference for sustainable chemical solutions" worldwide.

It includes products that have been selected based on the Cradle to Cradle Certified standard or on recycled as well as on bio-based materials. For materials that come into direct contact with the skin, eco-fabrics are particularly suitable. Above all, however, they are an important step on the way to a climate-neutral future.

 The special feature: The BeSoECO effects can be combined with the “Best Solution” concept BeSo. This makes BeSoECO a toolbox of sustainable options to create multiple functions on garment to meet performance and sustainability targets.

The BeSoECO-effects include, for example:

BeSoACTIVE ECO - The best solution of CHT’s moisture management that combines comfort and softness along with a wicking effect and fast-drying performance.

BeSoDRY ECO - This water repellent textile finish is eco-friendly, highly effective, durable and thus the best solution to keep wearers dry and comfortable.

BeSoFRESH ECO – The best solution to keep textiles fresh. Textiles need less laundering, which significantly increases their lifecycle and reduces the use of water, energy and detergents.

 BeSoSMOOTH ECO is CHT’s best solution to keep your garment last for longer. It significantly reduces the formation of pilling.


Our Brand & Retail team consults customers globally with the aim to achieve performance and sustainability targets. If you like to know more about BeSoECO Sustainable Solutions for High-Performance Textiles, please surf to our website;
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