The "Jeans & Garment" team of the CHT Group from Tübingen has always addressed a special target group in the portfolio of the global player for specialty chemicals. Due to the company’s close cooperation with very creative, technically skilled people from the global denim world, for whom sustainability has become a high – and growing – priority, a suitable new address within the CHT Group will be created for them with LAB102.

LAB102 – the Blue Veins of CHT

Traditionally and historically, the denim world is indigo – in other words, blue. This dye, and thus blue as a color, is understood by LAB102 as the essence that flows through its veins. The international team with a focus on sustainability headed by Thomas Aplas lives the “denim spirit” every day. LAB102 – they are the “Blue veins of CHT.”

Thomas Aplas, Head of the LAB102 team, on the motivation for the launch: “We are pleased to be able to give the development towards sustainability in the denim industry its own name with LAB102. The ecological and social conditions in the production of textiles are increasingly coming to the fore and into the consciousness of industry and end customers. This is an issue that the international team, in collaboration with customers and industry partners, will be working on to make a change for the better under a new name.”

LAB102 – Sustainability Through the Combination of Chemistry and Technology

It's not just chemistry – the focus is also on technology. Nebulization, laser, and ozone technologies are innovations that currently enable new approaches in jeans and garment treatment and are of the highest ecological level. Their use can lead to extreme savings in water and energy. The use of chemicals can also be reduced if the processes are optimized and adapted to the new requirements. To this end, the team is working with leading machine manufacturers on new developments.

New Effects Using Sustainable Components

With the new processes mentioned above and the changes in formulations towards sustainable products, LAB102 provides many new ways to achieve conventional effects using more sustainable components. In addition to innovative products in support of the new machine technologies, LAB102 also provides ongoing development of new fashionable effects. Twice a year, customers can enjoy a completely new collection. This collection development is based on ecologically continuously improved product ranges, building on the aforementioned new technologies.

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LAB102 Has a Global Network

Wherever the denim industry calls home, the LAB102 team is already there. Not only virtually and in terms of sales, but with technical expertise and great creative curiosity. Only when the customer is satisfied, is the project successful. Customers of LAB102 can rely on support that considers local conditions and exploits technical possibilities.

LAB102 has a strong network of garment experts developed over many years in the most important locations in the denim world. No matter where in the world the customer turns to the “Blue Veins,” the entire LAB102 network is at the ready.

Thomas Aplas emphasizes: “In doing so, the team prefers to follow one of Albert Einstein's maxims: ‘Creativity is intelligence having fun.’ And we never want to lose the fun, that's for sure.”


Visit CHT's LAB102 at Kingpins

The launch of the new brand at the Kingpins trade show is carefully chosen. It allows CHT to go to market on an ideal platform for reaching the entire garment world in one place. The company is eager to see the reaction within the industry, but even more so the feedback from customers and partners.

Learn more about CHT's “Blue Veins” here.


Thomas Aplas

Head of Application Field Garment

Phone: +49 7071 154260