You want to know what next year’s trends will be? Your storytelling could use a bit of fresh wind? You want to put more focus on Recycling? And there are some technical issues you need to solve? Hyosung has got you covered.

As a global integrated textile company, Hyosung does not just manufacture and supply fibers, textiles, and dye products such as spandex, nylon, and polyester. On top of their innovative and broad product portfolio, the company also offers a range of services.

Sustainability in all areas

Based on their years long expertise and the trust they have achieved to build in the industry, Hyosung is engaged in constructing greener factories with more efficient power grids, developing more sustainable textile processes, and producing more eco-friendly fibers. Their range of sustainable textile products is broad to meet the needs and sustainability goals of brands and retailers – including recycled, and bio-based fibers and fabrics. “Years ago, brands would not think about speaking to a fiber producer. Sustainability has helped open up a whole new world in the fiber industry to communicate to mills, brands and retailers,” Mike Simko, Hyosung Global Marketing Director comments. And if said brands and retailers need support telling the story of their sustainability, Hyosung can help with that too.

Innovation and marketing experts for the textile industry

“The ongoing pandemic, environmental pollution, and the climate crisis are serious challenges for the textile industry. If companies need help with innovation, with data, and communicating with their consumers, Hyosung, due to our global scale, can provide this to our value chain,” Simko says. With ten production sites and 40 sales and marketing offices around the world, this is certainly true. “Our Fashion Design Center, a team comprised of nine members and growing, travels the U.S., Europe and Asia surveying cutting-edge brands and retailers, and researching consumer insights. From this information, the team forms bi-annual mega trends (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter), as well as weekly Hyosung Trend Bytes, that comprise forward-thinking trend reports, storyboards and even sample garments incorporating Hyosung specialty materials, which are presented at key trade shows and customer presentations.” Their predicted megatrend for Spring/Summer 23 is “All Weather Purpose” – clothing and textiles that let their wearers move freely and in all weather conditions.

Manufacturing where it is needed most

Hyosung’s approach to sustainability, in addition to green and ethical management, also includes nearshoring: they build and expand their textile production close to clothing manufacturing centers to put capacity where the demand is and cut carbon emission from transports. Recently, plants in Brazil and Turkey have been increased in size and production volume and investments have been made for a new plant in China.

Trust and transparency

Because of their close cooperation with mills, brands, and retailers as well as value chain partnerships, Hyosung has a global network of business partners. The consistent and high quality of their supply is highly valued among their customers. Just as much as their transparency. “Building trust is near and dear to our heart. It is wonderful, when people call to ask for help with something other than just suppling fibers,” Mike Simko reiterates.