The global denim brand DNM has undertaken big efforts to constantly make the production more and more sustainable. DNM aims to work with a system of zero water discharge. Today the company only uses 22 liters of water to produce one meter of denim. And 84 % of it is recycled water.

Besides that, DNM is constantly reducing its carbon footprint. In the year 2021 the CO2 emissions of the company were 29 % lower, compared to the year 2019. DNM will go on this way and wants to support all stakeholders in the fashion industry to participate. Therefore the company launches a new logo and develops stories for its partners.

The importance of storytelling

We are humans. We live on the planet named earth that we call home. We are connected with each other by invisible threads. Everyone of us deep down inside is eager to unveil the creative potential and uniqueness to track a mark in their history. No matter what, we want to be explored, noticed, understood and accepted by ourselves and the culture we live in. It is the beauty of human nature. In order to express ourselves, we explore new ideas and forms of self-expression. We act, write, talk, play and create .… We connect through the stories. Stories tighten the threads that keep us together. Stories are the unique forms of containers that conduct information and make it more conveyable, memorable and interesting. 

Fashion is a form of self-expression that helps us easily unveil our story about who we are and what we aim to do. As a global denim mill, DNM strongly believes that stories are the building blocks of the fashion industry. Meaningful stories that enable us to connect with the fashion ecosystem make fashion even more desirable to consumers.


Photo: DNM

A strategy for sustainable relationships

With that in mind, DNM shifts its position in the global fashion market with a new logo, motto and brand strategy.

 As DNM, our new logo represents that we serve brands to establish sustainable relationships with their customers with our denim fabrics and services, which have a story of unique colors and a wide product range, with a sustainable and environmentally friendly technologic production approach.

For DNM, every individual who contributes to the development of the global fashion industry is valuable and must be supported. Production members on the loom to logistics, fashion designers to purchasing managers, fashion brands to fashion consumers, every employee and customer who touches our denim fabrics is an invaluable link in our value chain. With its evolving and developing approach, DNM aims to connect and support all the stakeholders of the global fashion ecosystem and support the growth of the fashion industry with sustainability.

 As a continuously evolving and developing global denim fabric mill , DNM also supports young designers in the world fashion industry, creates joint projects with the opinion leaders of the fashion world, and contributes to the development of the global denim fashion ecosystem.


A unique story for every collection

Every denim collection will have a unique story behind. DNM, with its “a denim fabric with a story behind…” approach, supports the fashion design and consumer ecosystem with denim fabrics, which has a story that it reveals with technological environmentally friendly sustainable production, and supports brands to strengthen their bonds with their customers. In order to do so, every denim collection designed and manufactured in DNM will have a unique story behind it that will strengthen the bonds with fashion brands and their consumers. We welcome each of every individual with their story behind to reconstruct the denim fashion together.

Photo: DNM