What happens when three industry insiders with experience in fashion design, art direction, styling and communication join forces? A new fashion brand emerges with great aesthetics, fair manufacturing and savvy products with accessible prices. This description fits Walkers Appeal perfectly, a Spanish direct-to-consumer men’s label selling solely utilitarian western jackets in several materials and prints. Mimi Vidal, Javier Lozoya and Gema Martin established the brand in early 2016, unable to spot a brand with an up-to-date identity but willing to improve the more traditional pattern cutting. “A back-to-future attitude but in reverse; a brand that bets on an urban look and feel but bringing back traditional pattern cutting and savoir-faire,” told us Javier Lozoya. 

The focus on western jackets was born out of a desire to create an icon, a product that helps them to expand into other categories later. “Following a kind of oriental mindset, we wanted to go little by little to avoid losing our identity with a hundred new references.”

In this interview, Lozoya gave us further details about the brand imaginary and upcoming plans.  


All your jackets are produced in Spain –tell me more about the production.

All our jackets are produced in Spain, in a factory in Galicia. All materials come from Spain and Portugal, from the fabrics up to the buttons. It is a manual and very careful process in order to create a premium product but at affordable prices. The typical jacket you always have as a wardrobe essential.

The images of the brand as well as the presentation video exude a very 70's look. Why are you giving a nod to this decade?

It’s mainly due to the pattern construction of the jacket and the fact that we like the defiant and transgressor attitude of that era.

Do you plan to ever sell your products through wholesalers/multi-brand stores?

At the moment, we are focusing on the online sale. But we’re already starting to have new points of sale in Spain and put a toe into Korea.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the direct-to-consumer business model?

The continuous stress; rapid responses. We have to be very agile and always ready to meet the needs of our customers.

In which countries have you sold more jackets to date? Which model is the most successful?

Mainly in Spain and, of course, the black model Metropolis is our most successful one.

Do you imagine offering more clothes besides jackets facing the future?

Definitely! And we hope it will be happening very soon.

What are the goals that you set with Walkers Appeal in the short run?

We aim to grow the business in Spain and to broaden our product catalog. Come on, no big deal! (Laughs)