Richard J. Brown, the Italian premium jeans and casual-chic trouser brand founded in 2007, was acquired by denim insider Christian Rossi in May 2014. He started a corporate makeover of the brand with the support and expertise of Silvia, his partner in life and, from that moment on, also in business. Together they created a new identity brand that has grown to recall attention in the market internationally and since June 2018 also shows at Pitti Uomo in Florence.

Here, Rossi explains some of RJB’s most important characteristics and future goals.

Christian Rossi, owner Richard J. Brown
Photo: Richard J. Brown
Christian Rossi, owner Richard J. Brown


Four years after you have taken over this brand what main changes did you bring and how did it evolve?
We have focused on restyling its brand identity starting from the already existing collection and models, though optimized for fit, according to a sartorial and exclusive realization, processed through the use of fine materials for maximum comfort and the introduction of unique details and vast possibilities for customization in terms of material, details, inner linings and trimmings all along inner hems made with top-end Italian shirting fabrics.


What novelties will you launch for the January 2019 edition of Pitti Uomo?
RJB denim expresses itself according to seasons and functionality. The underlying theme for each collection is the search for combinations of materials that enhance pleasant skin contact and the best sensations of well being in every situation. For winter, we offer jeans internally lined with cashmere, a soft and silky to wear material, warm and elegant for any occasion. It enhances either the spirited five-pocket style or the classic trouser, warm and comfortable inside and impeccably elegant outside. Cashmere is also especially appreciated in the women's collection for customers seeking a fashion mood enriched with soft sensations.


How will you lead the brand’s international expansion?
Small steps, but well planned. Our priority remains selling in stores like La Rinascente in Milan and Rome, Lodenfrey in Munich, Boon the shop in Seoul, Tokyo, Estnation in Tokyo, Cavour in Oslo, Pauw in Amsterdam, Cashmere and Silk and Bosco dei Ciliegi in Moscow, and Sanahunt in Kiev. We aim at a continuous growth according to medium and long-term development plans while constantly searching for uniqueness and exclusivity.

Jeans by Richard J. Brown
Photo: Richard J. Brown
Jeans by Richard J. Brown


Will you open any monobrand stores?
We are considering many opportunities to grow in several existing markets and in many potential others, including the possibility of opening monobrand shops in the near future. The trend is towards growth with respect for the highest quality.


In how many stores is the brand sold now and how many do you want to reach in the next four to five years?
Our strategy, at the expense of quantity, is entirely aimed at exclusive distribution. For this reason, our priority remains to maintain our presence in key shopping locations appreciated for their style. Our future goal is to expand in other major cities such as in South America and Asia, where we are selecting ideal partners to work with.


Are you considering including new products such as accessories, sneakers or other brand extensions?
Among our future aims we want to offer a total-look collection, even if our primary objective is to keep our focus on quality products. We are already working on ideas related to accessories.