In a market where successful models are being imitated or re-versioned by competitors in a matter of weeks, the unisex designs of Muroexe seem to speak for themselves. They lie at the crossroads of sneakers and traditional shoes, mixing wisely materials from the sportswear field to create sleek optics that become a valid option for both creative work environments as well as leisure time.

Unlike other footwear brands, Muroexe’s business model consists on launching few products to the market but with an intensive material- and fit research behind. A team of thirteen individuals based in Madrid, including exotic profiles for a footwear brand, like an industrial designer, work on the rising success of the brand, which sold 18.221 pairs of shoes in 2015, and over 55.000 pairs since its launch in 2012.

Muroexe: Eternal collection.
Photo: Muroexe
Muroexe: Eternal collection.

Ecommerce is the cornerstone of the business, but Muroexe gets stocked meanwhile in stores like El Corte Inglés in Spain), Mamnik in Tokyo, NK Stockholm, Sunbarth in Southhampton, NY and Junkyard in Sweden. Co-founder and chief executive Roberto Heredia shares with us the current state of things, future prospects and what products will come next.

How do you approach the search of new materials for your shoes? Could you describe what the properties of those materials are?
A person within our team is completely dedicated to finding and testing new materials. We conduct experimental tests with many materials barely used in industry and as a brand that loves functionality, we’re always looking for materials with benefits: waterproofing, breathability, ergonomics, comfort...

Can you mention some of the rarely-used materials that Muroexe tests?
It could be PVC, microfiber or different ruggedized materials and metal grids, as used in our capsules.

What were the latest collections that you launched all about? What do you have in store for the future?
We’ve launched waterproof collections for winter and breathable ones for summer. Later this year, we will launch a boot, a product which has been demanded by northern European countries for a while.

What percentage of the overall brand sales takes place through your e-shop?
Around 50%. We are an atypical brand that even though is stocked in hundreds of physical points of sale, still sells a very high percentage of products online.

Muroexe: Dual collection.
Photo: Muroexe
Muroexe: Dual collection.

What percentage of products are sold in Spain? What are your strongest markets abroad?
Spain represents 45% of total sales. The second country in sales is Germany, which will surely overtake Spain in 2017, followed by the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, USA, Canada and Japan.

Who’s the consumer that you have in mind when designing?
Our target consumers are urban thirty-somethings who need a versatile shoe. We use real human profiles for the entire design and development process. Apart from those, we have customers from 25 and up to 45.

Your online store offers shipping, free returns and changes. Does it not involve a too high financial burden to provide such conditions as young brand?
Absolutely, yes.

And how do you try to soothe that burden?
Improved processes and enhancements of web usability, as well as in-depth explanations of the characteristics of each product.

Muroexe: Erosion collection
Photo: Muroexe
Muroexe: Erosion collection

Is own retail among your future plans?
It’s always on the table, but we have much to do before getting in there. That said, the goal is not far.

Tell me about #dothefuture, the brand’s very own hashtag. What is it about?

The future is what drives us. Today, there’s a revival craze for all things retro; old bestsellers come back. We only look at tomorrow and really like the future. After all, it is where we will spend the rest of our lives. Thus, #dothefuture is the claim that accompanies the brand and everything we do.

Which countries or regions do you think still have growth potential for Muroexe?
We see potential cross the globe. Today, we are 0.01% of what we expect to be in 10 years. As we say, we haven’t come to change the world, but we do want to put our shoe on it.