Fast Fashion companies drop even the tiniest hype shortly after its appearance. With tons of it-pieces and trends coming and passing each season, it might seem risky to limit to one key product. German brand Bonvirage though, commits to a single product: leggings. By concentrating on this type of clothing, the heads behind Bonvirage, Hye-Won and Dirk Weidekamp, have enough room to shape quality standards and to develop patterns and prints. Based and founded in Dusseldorf, it is Bonvirage’s ambition to provide high-quality leggings, an all-round product, with a unique character.


Tell our readers a little about yourself. Is Bonvirage your first label or do you have any prior design experience?

This is our first label. Originally we are working in communications and guide clients within the Lifestyle segment.


When did you found Bonvirage? What was your personal motivation to do so?

We developed the idea during my wife’s pregnancy with our son in 2012. In that time she was mainly wearing leggings. Unfortunately most of the looks and garments on the market weren’t really appealing. Especially the designs were very monotonous, exchangeable, and little inventive. For these reasons we started to develop our own designs and to source fabrics.

Bonvirage SS17.
Photo: Bonvirage
Bonvirage SS17.

Many designers aim to provide high-quality products that compliment the customer. Why did you choose leggings as Bonvirage’s key product? And for which type of customer do you design your leggings?

Leggings are a classic and an all-day lifestyle product for everyone. There are few products, which can be combined and worn so differently and effortlessly. Regardless of when, where, and how. May it be sports, nightlife or the everyday life. That is why the quality and the looks are essential. Our aspiration already lies in the name. Bonvirage is French for beautiful curves. Our garment is weaved denser and thereby offers perfect support and fit. Unlike many other leggings that turn out to be transparent, you won’t be unveiled against your will. We have found fabric suppliers in Italy, which exactly serve our high demands. This is how we have developed a perfectly fitting companion for everyone, who wants to highlight his or her personality with unique designs. The age doesn’t make a difference, since we have customers between 11 and 75 years. Even men have discovered Bonvirage’s quality for themselves.


Bonvirage’s leggings show striking to exotic, graphic and photographic prints and patterns, where do you get your inspiration from?

The inspiration for our prints is everywhere – art, design, architecture, nature, or our daily environment. Everywhere you look, you can find interesting structures and images that you can process and transform into prints and patterns. It’s an infinite repertoire of visual stimulations, which only wait to be worn on your legs.


Why did you decide to add leather pants to your assortment?

Leather is a very classical and interesting product. Many of our clients have confirmed that there are few high-quality leather pants or leggings within a suitable price range. Either the fashioning or the fit don’t work. We wanted to design slightly different pants which serve various needs and don’t exist on the market so far. Our 5-Pocket Stretch leather pants is extra-long and is equipped with a zipper on the inside of the leg. That way it can be worn in many different ways.

Bonvirage SS17.
Photo: Bonvirage
Bonvirage SS17.

What are your current bestsellers?

We don’t have that one particular bestseller. Due to the many different designs everyone can find his or her personal bestseller. This is very different from country to country and woman to woman.


Do you sell your products only through your own online shop or are they available somewhere else?

We have sales agencies in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Greece, and Italy, which sell the pants to shops. Additionally, we take care of our own online shop.


Bonvirage is on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. How important is Social Media for a young brand and which were your biggest challenges launching Bonvirage?

Social Media is our most important communications tool. First and foremost Instagram gives us the ideal possibility to stage the whole lifestyle setting around Bonvirage, to make new contacts, and to get feedback. The biggest challenge though, is not only to release a perfect product, but to establish an attractive and desirable brand identity. Therefore our communications know-how was very helpful. From product design and shootings to trade shows and online communication, everything is done by us.


Do you plan on designing other clothes besides leggings or will Bonvirage stay with its core product?

In the future there will be other products, standing for quality and authenticity. Anyhow, printed leggings will remain our core product.


Bonvirage’s leggings range from 99 € to 119 €, while the lamb leather pants come at 699 €.