Can fashion be cool and sustainable at the same time? The recently announced Green Carpet Awards will show that it can be, but also - more ironically - the latest Moschino fashion show made fun of the idea launching a "Tràsh-Chic" collection called "Cardboard Couture" for F/W 2017/2018, amazingly proving that fashion can look cool even if playing with a nonchalant recycling approach.


For this collection, Jeremy Scott, most sensitive to crucial social and fashion industry matters, has astonished fashionistas and the general opinion once more by picking another hot theme.

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When he debuted as the designer for Moschino he played with the idea of fast fashion comparing it to the same approach of fast food companies. For his last f/w 2017/2018 menswear show, he looked at themes like war and military apparel while suggesting that the best armies can win "battles" shooting positive ideas, colorfulness and love.


For this women's collection, Scott is showing how beautiful fashion can be if designed with the intention not to harm nature.


At the beginning of the show, when carefully uncovering the catwalk, everyone expected a lucid smooth floor to appear, instead, there was a rustic cardboard surface covered with tape pieces. The first models he sent on the catwalk wore impeccable camel coats marked with transparent rubber tape elements, decorated with “Handle with care”, “Fragile” and other similar prints. Dresses were made out of transparent laundry bags or from protective plastic layers covered with bubbles; golden pendants were reused metallic tin covers; colorful printed total looks mimicked old cut magazine pages patched together. The coolest hats on show? Brown paper envelopes, a metallic trash bin cover and a candelabrum. Any collection can be cool and fun if made with care, irony and savoir-faire.                             


Recycling and re-using are becoming hot topics for catwalks, too. It’s time they also start influencing industry and consumers' decisions. 

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