You want to know why clothes aren’t selling today? Well, then forget about all the discussion about missing customer experiences and retail adventures. It seems to be much simpler than that: the shit does not fit.


At least this is the result of different studies, for example a survey by US company Body Labs in which 58 percent of shoppers stated “they would buy clothes more frequently if proper fit was ensured”.


Tragic, isn’t it? We can fly to the moon, soon we will use self-driving cars, but until now we do not seem to be able to make a series of jeans to make different kinds of butts look good. Being such a key matter we at SPORTSWEAR INTERNATIONAL thought it was over-time to dedicate a big story to the topic of fits and the several tries to deal with this worldwide problem.


To be quite frank: so far the ultimate solution has not been found. And how can it be found with so many different body types, curves and measurements on this earth, but only three main body samples per sex to be worked with?


A first world problem? Yes, indeed – but a crucial one for our struggling business. No wonder that a lot of research is done to approach perfect fits with the help of modern technology such as 3D measuring and intelligent fibers. Or, who knows? We might even see a mega revival of good old tailor-made cut & sew again, in the near future done by 3D printers that will enable each and every consumer to produce his individual, perfectly fitting wardrobe.  


Considering that there are way too many garments in the market anyway, carelessly bought and often thrown away, for ridiculously low prices dumping the value of apparel and polluting the landscape, this might not be the worst idea after all.

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